Colectic has organized a "Be Internet Citizens" worshop, calling young people from the Raval neighborhood  (Barcelona) to reflect on the Fake News and the three sides of any story.

Esther facilitated this workshop, with the support of her fellow educators Berta, Núria and Arnau.

The session began by agreeing on the rules that would govern the workshop: active listening, listen to the others, respect and open participation were suggested by the participants as elements to be taken into account during the workshop. Keep the conversation in the room, being openness, make no assumptions and asking questions were suggested by the e-facilitator.

During the workshop, 19 youngsters of 13-16 years old have actively participated. They were randomly organized into 3 working groups, and each group of young people had the opportunity to evaluate a set of news items. Are they true? Are they fake news? What elements indicate when it comes to one or the other? Must we trust what is explained by a teacher or by a friend? Should we be critical even if it is a teacher or a journalist who has written the article? What are the "echo chambers"? What is the difference between these and the "filter bubbles"?

The young people were initially a little reluctant to participate and discuss such a "serious" topic, as they thought they knew it in depth. But finally, at the end of the workshop, they commented that they had learned new things, and put on the table some recommendations for their friends and classmates:

  • you should think critically,
  • you can look for information in other places,
  • you need to know that anyone can make mistakes,
  • you must know that in Youtube or Whatsapp they can tell you lies,
  • in fact, not everything that is written on the Internet is true.

A very interesting workshop, without any doubt the beginning of many future reflections.


"Be Internet citizens" is a programme by Google in partnership with ISD. You can find an amazing "community toolkit" on this website:

The workshop was the result of the 'Be Internet Citizens' training of trainers organised on 18 March by ALL DIGITAL, Google Europe, and ISD.

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