After having participated in the “Be Internet Citizens' training of trainers” Workshop, organized by ALL DIGITAL, Google Europe, and ISD, I took advantage of the knowledge acquired and organized an in-house workshop with Maks vzw in Brussels.

The objective of this workshop was to transmit citizenship awareness tools available on the internet to young people.

I served as facilitators for a group of youth activity leaders but also for trainers in direct contact with parents who were aware of the impact of digital technology within their children's education.

The internal workshop was organized around two important axes, namely the analysis of information and the emotional influence of content.

These included fake news, biased writing, the phenomenon of echo chambers, filter bubbles, not to mention the emotional manipulation (I invite you to visit the website "Be Internet Citizens" for more info on the subject).

I was pleasantly surprised by the interest that this workshop has had on my co-workers - educators and animators, who are very relevant to this theme.

It also inspired me to learn more about the subject, including discovering researchers conducting studies about fake news and ways to counter them.

I strongly encourage digital space managers and organizations working with young people to participate in workshops like these, because there is a real need to communicate on these topics with our young people, who are increasingly influenced by the content of social media.

You can find an amazing "community toolkit" on this website:


Chaïmae Moussadek

Multimedia Animator for Maks vzw


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