The workshop “Be Internet Citizens” has been a great opportunity for AUPEX to explore Media Literacy as a transversal matter to be included not only in the Digital Literacy Programme, but also as part of the lifelong learning actions, implemented across Extremadura in the network of Folk High Schools.

The workshop was attended by AUPEX members who are responsible for the direction and coordination of areas such us Culture, Digital Literacy or Social Intervention.

During the 4-hour session, participants discussed current challenges linked to disinformation phenomena and media literacy, considering youth as the main target group, but suggesting that such action should be also adapted for general public, since there is an increasing need of media literacy among adults with low level of digital skills.

The structure and the methodology of the workshop has received a very positive feedback. Participants highlighted the potential of analysing concepts such as “echo chambers”, “filter bubbles”, “fake news”, “emotional manipulation”, “freedom/hate speech” from real examples, with previous reflections and simple definitions, supported by Youtube videos and working dynamics.

All the content has been translated into Spanish, and Aupex is now planning further actions in the territory with the aim of disseminating this powerful material, so that Extremadura becomes a region with a better Internet Citizenship.

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The workshop was the result of the 'Be Internet Citizens' training of trainers organised on 18 March by ALL DIGITAL, Google Europe, and ISD. In this blog post you can find links to the programme and teaching materials.

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