"Be Internet Citizens" workshop in Colindres, Spain

The Telecenter of Colindres has organized the workshop "Be Internet Citizens" in the 3rd grade classes of the High School Valentín Turienzo of Colindres in Cantabria, Spain; specific to the 4 courses. To win the attention of the girls and boys, the workshop given by Ignacio and Alex began with a video about existing labels in the real world.

In a second part, we gave way to fake news by putting different examples, both real and not an invigorating students with different questions and suggesting or even helping them to defend their positions.

In the next part, we went to work with them on the "Echo Chambers", taking them out if they really think that they are included in some social space. In this case, we divide them into smaller groups.

In the fourth part of the workshop, we continue with the emotional manipulation and let them express themselves in a totally free way after working on the definition.

In a fifth part, we played "Us vs them" in 3 groups and with an activity related to a robot competition and the creation of these.

For the closing, we asked for your collaboration to tell us your opinions about:

  • Openness
  • Keep the conversation in room.
  • Non-judgmental approach
  • Rigth to pass
  • Make no assumptions
  • listen to others
  • Using language
  • Asking questions
  • Seeking help and advice

The truth is that we are very happy with the acceptance of the workshop, because at first it was aimed at only one course, but the director of the institute asked us to introduce it to all the classes of the same course. In addition, due to the echo that has been formed, we will also implement training for parents of boys and girls.

Actually, it is a topic of great interest to the new generations, that attracts them, that interests them, for which they have concerns and that quickly interacted with us or with their colleagues. Actually, the initiative is very good and we will continue to implement it. In our case we modified it a bit to adapt on the same Instagram, Tuenti and Whatsapp.

The workshop was the result of the 'Be Internet Citizens' training of trainers organised on 18 March by ALL DIGITAL, Google Europe, and ISD. In this blog post you can find links to the programme and teaching materials.

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