Best European Telecentre Initiative: The Learn more about ICT network, Denmark

Telecentre-Europe and its partner Microsoft are pleased to announce that The Learn more about ICT network from Denmark is the winner of the Telecentre-Europe Award 2011 in the category of "Best European Telecentre Initiative" and wins the prize of an Xbox 360/Kinect Bundle donated by Microsoft.


Congratulations to the network for its outstanding digital inclusion efforts, achievements and best practices!


The Learn more about ICT network's Award application:

Description of your initiative, focusing on the innovative aspects, and the impact it brought to the target group/s:


In Denmark, there are around 500.000 inhabitants who have never used the internet. Approximately 75 % of these are age 65 or older. This, and the fact that statistics show that the elderly prefer to learn by being tutored by friends or family, led to the Seniorsurf Day 7th October 2011 (Seniorsurf-dagen) designed and carried out by mainly four members of the Learn more about ICT network, two of whom have the elderly as their main target group. The organizations behind Seniorsurf Day are DaneAge Association, The Danish Association of Senior Citizens, the Danish Agency for Library and Media, and the National IT and Telecom Agency. The four have joined forces with the National Danish Broadcasting Company which will focus on the ICT use among the elderly population and on the Seniorsurf Day up to October 7th.

Most elderly people are not interested in getting online. They feel they have already learned what they need to learn so the target group’s motivation is in many cases very low. Therefore, the Seniorsurf Day is conceived around the idea that the target group needs to be motivated to try the internet. The motivators are: Friends and family, appealing merchandise used in local settings and an easy online game with prizes to be won.

Digital treasure hunt:

Elderly people who are already using telecentres or computers at home pick up postcards at their local telecentre/library. The postcards hold an invitation they can send to a friend, who is not yet using the internet, inviting him or her to come along and try “the digital treasure hunt” on the Seniorsurf Day. At the telecentre or at home, the helper shows the friend the online digital treasure hunt. The helper helps the friend handle the mouse and helps him or her through a tour on five web pages that can be helpful in people´s everyday lives, such as pages which can help find direction, the weather forecast etc. With each correct answer the participant receives a letter from A to Z, which at the end comprise to a word meaning the humorous equivalent to “IT expert”. The helper helps the friend type name and address to win sponsored gifts such as an Ipad, mobile phones or mini cruises with a ferry.

As the Seniorsurf Day is taking place on October 7th we do not yet know the impact of the campaign. But we have an indicator in the number of telecentres taking part. More than 250 telecentres out of possibly around 600 are taking part in the campaign, and the places are well outspread throughout the country.

After the event, we will contact all participants to get an idea of the number of people who visited the telecentres on Seniorsurf Day. On October 7th we will be able to count the number of people who have ended the digital treasure hunt.


Map showing the participating telecentres:
Digital treasure hunt:

A personal story of a beneficiary of the initiative. Focus on how the initiative contributed to the personal / professional development:

As the Seniorsurf Day has not yet taken place, we can not yet offer this.

We have quotes from the participating organisations (these organizations have telecentres as part of their activities)

Director of DaneAge Association Bjarne Hastrup:

- It is good to see how the Danish population of all ages is using the internet. But we must not forget that there are 400.000 people aged 65 and older who have never clicked anywhere on the internet. They need a hand to get started. If we are to be a digital society, we have to double the number of people who are taught ICT skills, and the Seniorsurf Day is a good way to get a taste of the Internet.”
Chief of Secretariat, the Danish Association of Senior Citizens:

- In our telecentres, elderly people have for a long time been exploring the many possibilities of technology, and they are indeed not afraid of technology. But we also know that not everyone knows how to or wants to use digital services, and there always must be the possibility of having personal contact [with business and public administration]. The ones who are sceptical might want to get started after having tried the possibilities on the Internet together with a good friend. This is where the Seniorsuf Day is a welcome possibility to have a first taste of what the Internet can offer.

On October 7th we will find a person who can tell their Seniorsurf Day story.

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