Big events also take place in small libraries

Our locality – Pietrari, Romania - is a small settlement where 2,900 people live. There is one school here, and our young people study in nearby towns, being commuters or living there. For this reason, our campaign addressed children, unemployed, pensioners and teachers, lacking activities for high school students.

The “Hai pe net” (Romanian version of ALL DIGITAL Week) campaign this year started at Pietrari Public Library in 19 April 2018 with the first activities from the “Safety and security in the online area of our children” category where 150 students, fifth to eight grade,  from our school participated. The activities were sustained in the first two days of the campaign due to the high number of participants.

We organised debates about on-line security, personal data protection in use of the Internet. As well, after seeing the video materials about this subject on  and YouTube, the children talked and debated many aspects related to copyright, social network safety, exemplifying with Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and more others networks that they use.

The day of 21 March was dedicated to creative programming through Minecraft Education Edition. We promoted using Minecraft Education Edition at Wizards Code Club Pietrari, so that the students could create their own Minecraft products.

Wizards Code Club is a one-year-old coding club at the Public Library where 30 students can learn a programming language, because they can not learn such things at the Public School. With the help from the coding ambassadors, we guided step by step the Minecraft workshop for club participants and other students.

The creative programming via Minecraft Education Edition completed the beginner tutorials from so students who are not used to it can learn and understand how they can create their own products in the future.

The third day of the campaign aimed to promote online training courses for e-facilitators, teachers and librarians. 20 teachers in our school were presented with introduced to the courses  from, we experimented Sway application, a new application from Microsoft Office which helps us to create and share  interactive reports, personal stories, presentations and others, to teach as much as we can about the use of Skype, OneNote, to create online resources and collaborate with other teachers and librarians.

Mrs. Muresan Livia, the Chemistry / Physics teacher, was very excited when she managed to make a Sway presentation she would take before other teachers in Valcea County at the open lesson in May when, with this help, campaigns will be able to present scientific information in a novel way. Her thanks, a teacher with more than 35 years of experience in education, were my greatest reward.

The last two days of the campaign aimed at "First Click". The participants were first graders who learned at the Public Library how to write on a computer, not only to play games. We talked about online security in a way that they can understand us. First Click was created to encourage people who never used a computer or Internet, to make the first click with us at the Public Library; whether they get familiar with a computer for the first time or whether they simply learn how to find useful information online.

The activities were for the kids and curious people, who can understand what a computer means. The kids learned how to write a poem in Word, to format a text and to add their signatures in WordArt. The adults held a mouse in their hand for the first time, and, with a lot of emotions, they have succeeded to join “Hai pe net” campaign, completing the enrollment form.

Thank you, EOS Romania, for this opportunity and for an exciting week!

You can watch the slideshow about ALL DIGITAL Week at Pietrari Public Library -

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