Brand-new service for Telecentre Europe members: Funding Alert

Why a funding alert?

Information on funding opportunities under the EU programmes is out there and can be found in the various sections of the European Commission and EU Agencies websites. However, it is often scattered, confusing and time consuming to read. Sometimes you need to go through hundreds of pages just to find out whether a given call for projects is relevant for your organisation or not. Or sometimes you open the websites only to see that the most relevant call for you has just been closed.

This is why Telecentre Europe decided to launch a new Funding Alerts Service for its member organisations – to make EU calls for proposals and the funding rules more accessible, readable and clearer, and to keep our members updated on open opportunities.

What you can find in the Funding Alert?

Each issue of the funding alert will monitor the programmes considered most relevant for Telecentre Europe member organisations (inter alia Erasmus+, Europe for Citizens, Creative Europe, European Programme for Employment and Social Innovation, Horizon 2020, EuropeAid, etc.).

We will provide you with a list of open calls for proposals and tenders relevant to your activities containing comprehensive, but clear to read information: objectives of the calls; deadlines; funding rules and eligibility requirements, amongst others.

But unlike other similar services, the funding alert will also be much more than just a list of calls!

The information will be provided in a user-friendly way – with direct links to the documents relevant to each call and some useful tips and suggestions. And most importantly, Telecentre Europe will be there to help you in an “on-demand” basis, so if you have any questions or project ideas, you can contact us and we will do our best to guide you in the EU funding maze! We will ask the Commission / Agency clarifying questions, we will look for partners for your project idea among TE members and TE’s wider Unite IT network, and we are willing to be a partner to your projects when relevant.

Cool, ain’t it?

In the future we will expand towards funding opportunities from other donors such as international organisations, foundations, etc.

So, how can you benefit?

If your organisation is a member, you will receive the Funding alert in the Members section on Basecamp and will be notified by e-mail. If your organisaiton is not already a member of Telecentre Europe, please contact Membership and Communications Manager Masha Tarle to join TE (

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