Building Partnerships to Extend E-skills Training

The electronic resource center of the Kemerovo Regional Academic Library joined the network of the Tvoy Kurs Computer Literacy Centers in 2010. Through participation in the project, the center has opened up new opportunities and expanded access to ICT for unemployed (or partially employed) job seekers, people at risk of unemployment, senior citizens and people with disabilities.

The mission of the center is to provide visitors with free access to Internet and to hold computer classes & training events for socially disadvantaged citizens. The center actively cooperates with the Department of Information Technologies of the Administration of the Kemerovo region and with other regional & municipal organizations.

Scaling up the number of centers

The center is one of the leaders in the region in terms of the number of visitors that want to improve their IT competency and expand their social & employment opportunities. Currently, there is a waiting list of 1.000 peoplethat want to take a Tvoy Kurs free digital literacy training. In order to meet the growing needs of the citizens in ICT training, Tatiana Sysina, coordinator of the Tvoy Kurs center, decided to scale up the number of training centers in Kemerovo city and in the Kemerovo region.

Tatiana and her colleagues conducted a number of 'train the trainer' seminars for librarians of neighboring towns and provided them with methodological recommendations on the specifics of ICT training.

In 2011, five extra training centers were launched, as the demand for digital literacy training sessions was very high among local citizens. In 2012 another twelve centers were opened at the libraries of the region. In 2013, even more training centers are expected to join the project.


Due to its active work in the field of ICT and because of the positive feedback from citizens, the Tvoy Kurs center of the Kemerovo Regional Academic Library was selected by the Department of Healthcare Administration of the Kemerovo region as ICT training center for all Kemerovo's medical facilities & healthcare organizations, including Kemerovo's regional hospital, the Children’s clinical hospital & Kemerovo's regional blood center. As of now, the center has signed agreements with practically all medical facilities in the city for the development of computer competencies for Kemorovo's medical professionals.

In addition, the center actively collaborates with social welfare services, district centers of social assistance to families and children, the society of people with disabilities, orphanages & boarding schools, as well as with Kemerovo city's employment center. It also conducts digital literacy training for abandoned children, children from socially vulnerable families, senior citizens and people with disabilities.

With such a broad network of partners and such a unique approach to each client, no matter whether they are an individual visitor or an organization, the center has become a key educational and training facility, where the citizens  of Kemerovo can enhance their ICT competencies and get free computer literacy training.

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