Call for Applications: Collabriv’s 6-month paid international internship program for young professionals

Collabriv, a San Francisco-based organization that helps young professionals worldwide gain the critical skills of the 21st century—skills such as global collaboration and global leadership— is once again recruiting interns for its 2014 program.

Young professionals aged 21-26 from any part of the world except the United States (host country) may apply for the 6-month paid internship program in San Francisco. For this year, Collabriv will be hosting 2 batches of 20 interns each, with the first batch starting in July and the second batch in October.

During the 6-month period, interns will experience and enjoy the following: mentoring and career advising services; access to the Impact Hub, use of Collabriv’s coworking and incubator space; field trips and cultural excursions; and an introduction to the peoples and cultures of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Requirements to Qualify for the Program

To qualify for the program, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Be between the ages of 21 and 26
  • Be a citizen of any nation but the United States (since the U.S. is the host nation) and live outside the United States
  • Be a native English speaker or can demonstrate advanced English proficiency through one of several tests we accept (listed in last section below)
  • Have strong academic record
  • Have studied and/or worked in general business (eg, an MBA), communications, public relation, or marketing; some placements in more technical positions may be possible

Although it is not required, it will help candidates' applications if they have studied, worked and/or traveled outside of their native country—the more time, the better.

Additionally, applicants much meet most, if not all, of the following criteria:

  • Understand the importance of global collaboration and global leadership skills for career, personal fulfillment and contributions to the greater good
  • Have demonstrated leadership or initiative in studies, work or community activities
  • Appreciate working in teams and have experience doing so
  • Thrive when met with challenges and given responsibility
  • Curious, flexible and adventurous


How to Apply for the Program

Interested individuals who meet the qualifications listed above may apply online at


Application Deadline: March 20, 2014


Testimonial from Collabriv Alumnus

“Once back in Belgium, I got a job with an international company that I could never have gotten before. Why? Collabriv. My six months in the Bay Area working with colleagues from all over the world and with the ASEB team improved my people skills and gave me the practical experience to get that job. Yet Collabriv is about so much more than the internship: studying leadership at a Master’s degree level, becoming a lifelong member of my host family, volunteering in the community, traveling in California—it was special. Don’t think twice. Apply and give yourself this chance." -- Fred Verbogen, Collabriv 2013 intern from Antwerp, Belgium


Through its internship program, Collabriv also helps companies in the San Francisco Bay Area develop a pipeline of young global talent with the necessary skills while also accomplishing major projects.

For more info about the program, check out the flyer or the Collabriv website.


Testimonial and photo credits: Collabriv website

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My eyes were shining and the trailer of movie "Happy Karolina in San Francisco Bay" was already done until I saw the certificate of  language proficiency is required..... :(((

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