Computer Skills Among the Community- Dwelling 55+ European Population

Older adults are facing an increasingly technological society which can make them feel excluded. This work aims to evaluate computer skills of Europeans within the age group of 55+, using data from the SHARE project. Computer skills were assessed based on the answers to the question “How would you rate your computer skills?” Globally, an average of 28% of participants showed good computer skills, 36.1% demonstrated basic computer skills, and 35.9% had no computer skills whatsoever. Men showed higher levels of computer skills and higher age is associated with less computer skills. Sweden and Denmark had better computer skills, while Portugal and Poland had lower computer skills amongst 55+ people. Two-thirds of all countries register rates above 30% regarding the 55+ population with no computer skills. These results showed that computer skills are low amongst older adults in Europe, being this domain now identified as a field for action and intervention.

Below you can find the interesting full article published by the partners of the ICTSkills4All project on the International Journal of Digital Literacy and Digital Competence.


If you want to learn more about the project:

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