"Culture meets digital" during the ALL DIGITAL Week 2019

The primary school Keune in the small city Forst organized in cooperation with the Stiftung Digitale Chancen (Digital Opportunities Foundation, SDC) a five-day training for their young students during the ALL DIGITAL Week 2019. During the training, the children learned how to make music with tablets, how to control a computer game with dough and cables and how to bring a drawing to life.

About the content:

  • Digital sound: Making music with tablets? This is actually possible and quite simple. Digital applications (apps) replace the guitar, drums and microphone, usingse tablets to create a band and to compose songs.
  • Digital Language: Learning the mysterious language of computers. It does not use words, but commands. Here you can easily learn these commands. With it you can create works of art, play music, glow in different colors or send messages.
  • Digital Reality: Getting to know apps with which you can become artistically active and expand your reality by bringing drawings to life!
  • Digital technology: Disassemble a laptop or smartphone and take a closer look or control a computer game with dough and cables. In "Digital Technology" you will make lots of exciting and new discoveries. At the end of the day, something new and, above all, something personal always emerges.

After introducing the topics above, the children decided which of them they wanted to deepen. In groups they worked on the topics and created their own products.

The training took place within the project „culture meets digital“ funded by the Ministry for Education and Research. SDC conducts the project by connecting two local actors from the education sector, providing equipment, the learning concept and the media educator.

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