Danube+ Water Innovation Lab include community building and cross-cultural communication exercises, sessions focused on watershed management with presentations from experienced experts in their fields and 21st-century entrepreneurship skills training for a bio-based green and blue economy.

The world runs on water. Unfortunately, due to the linear remove-use-dispose system and natural depletion of water, water crises are happening all over the globe. The reality is that we have less and less potable, fresh water on earth every day, and yet water is critical to the way businesses, governments, and human beings operate. If water use continues down this path, by 2030 demand for freshwater will exceed viable resources by 40%. This isn’t even including the looming threat of climate change, which is slated to increase pollutants and further deplete the quality and amount of available freshwater resources around the globe. If you are 18 to 35, if you are think about YOUR future and if you are from the Balkan or Danube County fill the Participation Form and join us!
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