Digital Cultural Heritage and Work Based Learning for Italian High-schools

The first edition of “Expo ASL Cultura”, organized by the Association “Study Centre City of Foligno”, ended with great success. This exhibition of good practices of Alternanza Scuola Lavoro (the work-based learning activities that secondary school students have to carry out as a mandatory part of their studies) brought to Foligno twenty exhibitors from eight different Regions of Italy, more than 350 students, teachers, external consultants and many experts in the field. Two days of exposition with stands, eleven workshops, guided tours of the 4D Quintana Museum and an opening conference. Just when the students are protesting against the way ASL is organize, claiming that it’s just unpaid work, “Expo ASL Cultura” showed many positive examples, projects that allowed the students to express, acquire and put into practice their skills and abilities.

The two days of exhibition allowed students and teachers to get in touch with other schools, as well as private and public organizations that designed paths for the development of high school students’ skills in the field of preservation and promotion of the tangible and intangible Cultural Heritage. In particular, the focus was on how to take advantage from the new technological and digital innovations in favor of the most important heritage of our Country, which is the Culture and the Arts, thus making the new generations aware about the opportunities offered by the new digital cultures.

“While students are protesting, it is the quality of the activities that makes the difference”, says Altheo Valentini, promoter of the event. “Here we have seen individual and group projects in which the students acquired skills that they’ll be able to use during their educational and professional carrer. The most important thing was the exchange of good practices among the schools”. Also Mario Margasini, President of the Study Centre City of Foligno, has addressed the success of this experience: “We wanted to create a national meeting regarding  the Alternanza Scuola Lavoro and the promotion of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage, so to create an exchange of experiences and competences. We believe that the means of ALS are fundamental because they create a stronger relation between the schools and the world of business and institutions.”

Particularly important was the national conference, that took place Friday the 24th, opening the Expo and entitled “Alternanza Scuola Lavoro and digital enhancement of the cultural heritage”. The conference presented different speeches about the necessity of trying new work-based ways of learning, as much transversal as possible and relevant for different educational fields, focused on the digital promotion and preservation of the cultural heritage for the development and progress of Europe. In addition to the presentation of the different school experiences, an added value to the morning was represent by the presence of important speakers, such as: Carmine Marinucci, General secretary of the Digital Cultural Heritage, Arts & Humanities School and Michele Rak, member of the PANEL of the European Parliament for the EHL-European Heritage Label.

For more information: (website only in Italian)

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