Digital Inclusion Experiences | AUPEX ALL DIGITAL Week '18

ALL DIGITAL Week has been an opportunity to reach disadvantaged groups with a variety of activities, games and interviews that have shown them the importance of digital skills in a funny and dynamic way.

Different groups of people with disabilities, immigrants, victims of gender-based violence, lonely elderly people have played the digital ring and have recorded interviews, feeling part of the campaign and giving their best.

It’s been really touching and inspiring to share this experiences with people who found a job after taking part in some of the training actions offered by the Digital Literacy Programme of Extremadure (AUPEX), also to let them express their own vision of the digital transformation of the society and the economy.

Some examples

- Adrián, works as administrative in the Town Hall of Villafranca de los Barros (Extremadura, Spain).

- Antonio José works for the Regional Assembly and explains how important digital skills are in order to participate in the society and the labour market for ANYONE.

- Miguel A. Delgado. A man with a disability who attended some of the workshops offered in the NCC Villafranca de los Barros and now, thanks to his digital skills, he works for the local Town Hall

- Miguel Solis. An elderly man who reached his dream thanks to the help of Coro and Jose, e-facilitators from AUPEX.

- Pilar Bonilla, Head of Section at the Woman House in Cáceres (Extremadura, Spain). In the interview she explains the role of the Digital Literacy Programme as an essential tool for the digital inclusion of disadvantage groups.

- Ernesto! A great example of personal growth for young people. He explains how Internet helped him find a job. He is proud of his job and loves telling the others how disabilities can be overcome thanks to digital skills.

- A group of users with disabilities involved in the "All Digital Week" (Mérida Zona Sur, Extremadura, Spain)

- Another group of users with disabilities involved in the "All Digital Week" (Los Santos de Maimona, Extremadura, Spain)

Some more interviews can be watched on Facebook with the hashtag #alldigitalweek > Vídeos.

Definitely amazing digital inclusion experiences!!

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