Today is the day dedicate to youth, because of this, Open the Windows invite youth with disabilities to share their photos and information about their digital skills. 

Aleksandar Matovski Cako supports the campaign Get Online Week 2015. He is 24 years old with Down syndrome, and he uses the computer for writing songs, essays, papers and presentations for the exams as he is fourth year student at the Pedagogical Faculty in Skopje.

He also uses the computer to prepare his own radio show on Radio MOF, titled “I am Cako”. And of course, he uses the computer to communicate with his friends, acquaintances and colleagues, as well as for listening music, watching and cheerleading sport plays and for practicing karate and new dancing steps.

Vera Apostolovska is young and positive girl and she pointed out that computer and internet makes her active student. She wrote: 

"I’m an e-active student. I share these photos because I want to show my e-school activities. Here I review the answer from my physic teacher., she firstly send me an exam by mail, I answered it electronically and send by mail to the teacher, she corrected my exam with red and send back to me.


With most of the teachers I’m in contact by mail. Teachers send me tasks by mail, I’ answering the questions and send them by mail. Without computer I wouldn't be an active student. In school I’m using classmate laptop, that school gave me as reverse. Regards to whole Open the Windows team which teach me to work on computer and to have digital skills for active e-participation.  VERA APOSTOLOVSKA "

30 year old Julijana Petrovska is very positive woman with Down syndrome. When she first came in Open the Windows's Centre for assistive technology she said that she want to learn how to work on computer because she want to better employee in the printing company. 

 As Get online week 2015 supporter she wrote: " I’m Julijana Petrovska. I’m 30 years old and I’m working in printing company Data Pons for eight years. In my free time I’m listening music and watching movies on computer. My hobby is dancing in Dancers United. Also I’m member of Special Olympics Macedonia, and I’m active in basketball and swimming.  I learned how to use computer in Open the Windows’ Centre for assistive technology, but also I want to learn to work better on the computer. Now I use facebook for communication with my friends, listening music on youtube and sometimes I’m reading new information on internet.


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