Digital inclusion overcomes everyday barierrs

In the modern society everyone should have some digital skills for life. You can use information technology and Internet for paying bills, arranging medical visits, shopping, learning, entertainment, communication, information etc. But there are still lots of people that can not start the computer, or use the mouse and keyboard, or play a music on youtube.

People with disabilities are often marginalized and don't have equal opportunities like other. There are parents, teachers, professionals and people with disabilities that have doubts that people with disabilities can use the computer. The awareness is raising but there are so much to do.

Open the Windows's Center for assistive technology have a lot of positive examples of beneficiaries with disabilities which use computer and internet by themselves. These positive examples have influence in awareness raising for people with disabilities. Over then 200 beneficiaries have used   the Open the Windows services.  

One of our positive examples are collaboration of Veronika Ljorovska and Sofija Pjevac for this Get online Week 2015 campaign.

Veronika Ljorovska is high school student and Open the Windows beneficiary. Due to the difficulties with the motor skills of her whole body, she is a wheelchair user. She uses assistive technology as big button keyboard, joystick and separate clicks. She said that sometimes people are not aware on her abilities and that computer helps her to communicate with others despite her speech difficulties. She also pointed out that with the computer and support by assistive devices she showed to her mother that she know to write and read.

Sofija Pjevac is high school student and our supporter. We met Sofija during our Active citizens project five years ago. From then till now we have great collaboration. At the begging of march Sofija made a video All Different-All Equal for a contest organized by "Youth council of the US embassy in Republic of Macedonia", where she include our beneficiary.

This two girls last week met for three times and prepared 3 short videos (one is video announcement for Contest for students on computer drawings and videos, video announcement for Contest for teachers on inclusive computer practices (these Contests are part of USAID's Project for e-accessible education realized by Open the Windows) and one video about the role of ICT and Internet.

These meetings were beneficial for the two of them. They communicate by mail and on facebook also. We hope that these kind of works can overcome barriers and make people with disabilities be equal with others.

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