Digital literacy for seniors: advantage or necessity?

On the 1st of October 2015 National Agency for Erasmus + in Lithuania discussed this question with all  "EPALE" project conference participants in Vilnius - representatives from senior people organizations all over Lithuania, active students  and lecturers from Medardo Čoboto Third Age University.

Together with  a number of lecturers Loreta Križinauskienė, the director of association “Langas į ateitį” (LIA), shared association’s experience gained during yearly digital literacy trainings for seniors. It is obvious that digital literacy knowledge is obtained by seniors better and easier when special adapted methodology is used in ICT training courses.

During the second part of the conference in one of the work groups named - "Collaboration between generations and learning from one another" - Tautvilė Jurgelevičienė and Julija Glosaitė shared Vilnius Central Library experience participating in the project TRANS eScouts implemented by LIA.

The idea of this project was to facilitate the socio-digital inclusion of elderly and youth improving local community life by means of the intergenerational dialogue and mutual support. Project implementers have built a learning circle in which the youth have supported senior people in ICT usage and, in return, seniors acted as mentors for youth in their efforts to access the labour market and face challenges of adult life, completing in this way a circle of learning, exchange and conviviality. More information about the project:

At the end of the conference it was agreed by all that digital literacy is a necessity for seniors who are active lifelong learners.

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