Digital manufacturing: from bits to atoms - PuntTIC's campaign

This July we want to focus our campaign on digital manufacturing. Earlier this month, Barcelona hosted the world event around this topic: the 10th International Conference of Fab Labs. The conference brought together over 350 digital fabrication laboratories from 40 different countries. But what is the digital manufacturing? What kind of revolution it means? The organization of FAB10 Barcelona explains these points:

  1. We have moved from atoms to bits
  2. Global design, local manufacturing
  3. From consumer to producer
  4. The campaign: Digital manufacturing to everyone

From atoms to bits: The great revolution is that the digital world goes to the physical world. Digital manufacturing means bringing to the world objects that have been done using computing.

Global design, local manufacturing: In the past the goods traveled, but thanks to digital manufacturing today is information that travels. The value is not in the object but in the knowledge.

From consumer to producer: The production goes from the industrial to the personal environment. Very soon every home will have its 3D printer, and we will be able to make a cup or even an ear. Can you imagine this?

The digital fabrication implies to socialize knowledge and empower people.

This is one of the videos we could use to illustrate this concept:

THE MODULES // CCCB – BIG DATA EXHIBITION 2014 from Fab Lab Barcelona on Vimeo.

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