Digital Marathon in Volgograd, Russia

The IT for Youth Project center based in the Volgograd State Agricultural University celebrated the ALL DIGITAL Week with the Digital Marathon that started in the university and spread to schools and children's centers in Volgograd and the region.

The goal of the marathon was to increase the number of competent, full-fledged and  responsible citizens in a digital society. The marathon united volunteers from different countries, who introduced participants to valuable Internet resources and digital technologies to improve their life, study, work and self-development.

Volunteers from Volgograd and the Volgograd region (Svetloyarsky and Kalachevsky regions) visited students with disabilities from the Kalachevsky boarding school, where they organized a series of interesting master classes,  tested students' knowledge in the field of IT, and discussed essential questions about ICT-related jobs.

One of the marathon stations was the “Maria” children's center for kids from families in difficult life situations. Volunteers created fun festive atmosphere in the center, with a lot of activities. Teenagers were engaged in designing and developing their own robots, and young kids played with them. 

"During the campaign, we all became one big family, where everyone found something to learn and enjoy!" said ot the volunteers.

Volunteers from different countries and cultures joined All Digital Week in Volgograd -  Jan-Philip Bünker a volunteer (freiwilliger) from Germany shared his experience: "It was a very interesting event, especially for the kids. I think it's good to be told how they should behave online, the robots section was also very interesting, and it's great to see how the kids loved it." (Jan-Philip Bünker, 20).

Thanks to the marathon people of different backgrounds became closer. Digital technologies offer new opportunities for everyone, and open a new world for searching new friends! All 468 ALL DIGITAL Week participants from Volgograd think so!

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