Digital resource “SomosSIA” from Spain

Digital Resource Finalist: “SomosSIA” from Spain


Year created: 2021

Resource owner: Digital Agenda Department - Government of Extremadura & AUPEX


This project is the result of a creative and research process developed by the AUPEX team and funded by the Regional Government of Extremadura.

SomosSIA is a unique cutting-edge digital tool designed to better understand Artificial Intelligence. It brings anyone, regardless of their level of education or competences, closer to the world of AI, using a friendly and understandable language to simplify the complexity of all this world and an usable interface to explain how AI techniques work, how important our data is and how this technology is influencing all areas of life, and is described as the most strategic technology of this century.

SomosSIA is a clear resource that also reviews controversial issues related to biases and ethics. It includes a practical section with tools to better understand these technologies.

SomosSIA has its website ( and this video: Target group: People in risk of exclusion, low skill adults and general public.


SomosSIA is the main tool used during awareness-raising activities about artificial intelligence in the frame of the Digital Competence Programme for Employability in Extremadura.
All content and resources included in SomosSIA (web, video, practical section...) have been widely used from March 2021. Reaching over 400 users in 2 months, included more than 60 training actions both online and face-to-face formats. It is being used with high media and social media impact with associations, schools, VET organizations...
The website has over 14.000 visits since it was launched in January 2021.
User's feedback highlight how SomosSIA have helped them to understand how AI techniques actually work, the role of algorithms and how machine learning is really the most revolutionary element of this technology, being also aware of ethical implications, security and the importance of governance.
The video o
ffers an overview that really helps to better simplify and understand this disruptive technology.


SomosSIA can (and should) be translated into any language because the design is very user friendly, approachable and catchy. In Spanish, we call it Somos la Sociedad de la inteligencia artificial, with
the acronym SomosSIA. In English, like a re
flected image in a mirror, we can call it "We are the artificial intelligence society, We are AIS".

The structure of the website is clear to action. It starts with the most basic content and explains, from the simple to the more complex way, the process of data input, processing and use of data in algorithm automatic learning techniques, up to the definition of artificial intelligence and the positive, negative and ethical implications related to this technology.

To adapt SomosSIA to other languages, the steps should be:
- To translate the texts (the video can already be automatically subtitled into other languages)
- To identify main national referral links (documents, policies, resources...) to be included for the background. - To add a new
flag to this project and help more people to understand AI for sure!

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