Digital resource “The Big Blue Button” from Spain

Digital Resource Finalist: “The Big Blue Button” from Spain


Year created: 2020

Resource owner: Technical Support, Facilitation and Administrative Office of Xarxa Punt TIC. Digital Inclusion and Training Service of the Department of Digital Policies and Public Administration of the Generalitat of Catalonia


The Big Blue Button (BBB) - Punt TIC tool is an open source web conferencing system for online learning for ITC educators from Xarxa Punt TIC. The coronavirus crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic revealed many problems in the education system formal and non-formal and ICT centers of the Punt TIC Network had to change their face-to-face activities and courses to online in order to continue offering a good service to their users. For this reason, from the Technical Support, Facilitation and Administrative Office of the Punt TIC Network, we saw the need to implement our own videoconferencing system.

This tool is integrated into the Xarxa Punt TIC Drupal website ( and connected through CampusLAB (, the Punt TIC Network training campus. In this way, STEAM educators can link their educational and training content to the video conferencing tool and made their activities more interactives.


The Punt TIC tool is aimed at the 438 ICT educators and the different collaborations based on debates, activities, courses, conferences, presentations facilitated at local and national conferences, including the annual conference organized by the network. Includes real-time audio, webcam, presentation, external video and screen sharing, along with collaboration tools such as a multi- user whiteboard, shared notes, chat, voting, and meeting rooms.

One of the great successes of the tool is that it has allowed a correct integration of the diferents training courses of the ITC centers of Punt TIC network. Per exemple, for the preparation of the ACTIC tests at Alta Ribagorça Telecentre ( /punttic/telecentre-alta-ribagorca). ACTIC is an instrument that guarantees the accreditation of digital competences in the personnel selection processes that are followed by both the public Administration and private companies.


This resource is easily adapted to new audiences, since Big Blue Button is an open source tool that allows all those who do not want to depend on services such as Skype or Google and seek to be independent to work as a global teaching platform. It is available in 65 languages and teachers from around the world have contributed to its design.

It is specially designed for online training and based on Linux. It is completely free and open source and you can mount it on your own server, as we have done on the web, or use their service. It also has an active community that has been improving the service since 2009 and integrates with most of the LMS on the market (Moodle, WordPress systems, etc.).

The components developed by the BigBlueButton project are available under the GNU Lesser General Public License and this means that we are free to integrate BigBlueButton into our educational or commercial applications. To install this tool in the CampusLAB and Moodle of Punt TIC, we have needed a developer who has helped to implement it in our server.

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