Digital Storytelling – Bridge Between Generations

Telecentre Europe Awards 2016 WINNER Entry: Best Practice

Digital Storytelling – Bridge Between Generations

Geographical range: Municipality of Medgidia, Constanța County, Romania


Contact person: Alina Valentina Ocheana 


Digital Storytelling method working with people to develop story ideas. They learn how to write a script, edit photos and drawings and make them into a few-minute movie that is, with their permission, posted on the Internet. Whether online, in the media, local communities and institutional level, sharing stories have the power to make a real difference.


Digital Storytelling created a true bridge between generations. Young people have learned to build amazing digital stories using Windows Live Movie Maker, Sonny Vegas, Photoshop, Audacity, DivXLand Media Subtitler and then became mentors for seniors who have put their memories of loved ones in short movies. The youngsters were those who translated the text from movies and uploaded the subtitles on the Library Youtube Chanel.

This type of practice allows the digital preservation of cultural identity of communities, digital literacy and digital inclusion of vulnerable groups.

It enables us to invite others to share in something and to reflect on our past, building communities around shared thoughts and ideas. Because everyone has many stories to tell, the ritual to share insights about life can be extremely valuable for both those who speak and those who bear witness. People can see, hear and can perceive the world in different ways. This means that the formulations and approaches they take to tell the stories are also very different.

This kind of practice has also changed young people lives, because many of the volunteers chose a career in IT. They also participated in the library workshops - Photoshop, HTML and C ++, they worked hard and were admitted to a web design College in Denmark.

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