Telecentre Europe Awards 2016 Entry: e-Facilitator

Dina Bryuske

Country: Russia

City/Town: Tambov

Work Place: ORT-KesherNet ICT CEnter

Position: director, facilitator

Years in service in current organization: 15

Years in service as e-facilitator: 13

People supported/trained: 10 000

Nominated by:  Bela Tumasova, project coordinator, PH International


In 2002, Dina with assistance and support of the NGO 'Educational Resources and Technologies' launched the ICT center in Tambov. Ever since that time Dina Bryuske has been working as the Center’s trainer; she is now also its director.

Initially, the goal of the Center was to provide ICT training first for underserved women (job seekers, women with disabilities, single mothers, mothers of large families, etc.) and then for other target audiences. Currently Dina Bryuske is working with school children, young people, middle-aged people, and retirees.

In addition to organizing and holding digital literacy courses, such as Fundamentals of web-design, using MS Office, ICT for business, KODU, C# and Mobile Literacy, she continues to develop new services, to update and create instructional materials, and to organize and facilitate socially oriented campaigns and seminars. 


Dina offers 3 major learning areas for young and middle-aged people: 'Programming languages and technologies', 'Application packages', 'Business and Finance', and also a separate area for pensioners/retired people.
Both a full-time face-to-face and a distance learning models are used in the centre, people studying in groups or individually. For distant students the trainer carries out online consultations.

Dina has introduced various methods of active learning to the educational process. In any class electronic manuals, multimedia lectures, and tests are used.
In her work Dina pays much attention to cooperation with IT companies. The authorized Cisco and Microsoft courses take a special place in the Center's activities. They are provided by Dina and other trainers who passed certification exams.
Currently Dina teaches the following courses:
• Programming in C#                          • Fundamentals of KODU
• Introduction to App Studio                 • Introduction to WebMatrix
• Financial and Economic Literacy         • Computers for Life
• Mobile Literacy


Dina is the person whose professionalism is confirmed by years of fruitful and productive work. Dina develops the students’ ability to think.
She is characterized by the following qualities:
• practical experience and excellent knowledge of the teaching content;
• the ability to explain complex notions in a simple way;
• punctuality and responsibility;
• patience and good communication skills.

Dina is practicing individual approach to students, always considering their views and circumstances.
She uses an interactive learning. Through the years, there are many examples, while Dina's training has changed the lives of students:
- young people get motivated to study programming or to start a business;
- middle-aged people improve their computer skills needed for successful employment or continuation of employment during the economic crisis;
-pensioners training allows to them carry out various types of communications, to take an active stance.


Artem Dyakin, a hearing impaired youngster from Tambov, has decided to study computer information systems after taking the career-guidance training at the Tambov ICT training center.

After graduating from the specialized school for students with hearing impairments, Artem entered his hometown technical college and decided to attend the career-guidance training at the ICT Training centre in Tambov, working under support of the World ORT. During the training Artem learned about the variety of opportunities in IT sphere that inspired him to study computer systems programming. It has defined his future.
At one of the seminars, organized at Tambov college, Artem got acquainted with the representative of ORT Moscow office, who invited him to study at Bramson ORT College in New York. This proposal inspired Artem to improve his English and to go to Moscow for the interview with the college representatives. He has got the scholarship and now is studying Computer Information Systems in NY.

This is only one of the numerous examples how Tambov ORT ICT center with its training helped to improve the life of underprivileged citizens.

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