Don't be fooled! A media literacy initiative by AUPEX

The ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 was preceded by the first European Media Literacy Week. During those 15 days, each of the 75 digital competence centres of Extremadura (Spain) organised at least one interactive talk about disinformation, fake news and job offers and different concepts related to quality information and those digital skills needed in order to make an effective and responsible use of digital technologies.

Over 900 users attended 89 sessions. What did participants and organisers learn?

As in 2018, for this campaign Aupex created a “True or False” online form, so users could check their ability to identify fake news and fact-checking patterns. Once the form was answered, users received feedback with the results of their answers and guidelines, tips on how information had been manipulated and reflections on how disinformation can affect our lives.

After that, a powerful presentation supported the discussions with clarifications, short videos, and data about disinformation phenomena in Spain and the rest of the world.

427 “True or False” formulars have been answered with some surprising results.

Again, more than half of participants never verify information received through social networks:

But 86% of participants consider that disinformation can have important consequences in their daily lives.

This job offer is unusual, but if we follow fact-checking patterns, we can easily discover it is true... although 61% of participants consider it fake.

“Don’t be fooled!” (¡Que no te la cuelen!) is the slogan of the main Spanish project fighting against disinformation:, that’s why AUPEX also organised a Webinar with the director of the project Clara Jiménez Cruz, who is also a member of the high level group of experts the European Commission set up in 2018 to advise on policy initiatives to counter fake news and disinformation spread online.

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