E-Government (short for electronic government, also known as e-gov, digital government, online government, or connected government) is developing in Russia. E-government is a digital interaction between a government and citizens, government and businesses, government and other organizations.

In Russia, the opportunities for citizens and organizations to communicate with government online are still limited. Russians are used to come to government agencies in person and standing or sitting in a so-called “alive line” which is time consuming and demonstrates the lack of transparency because there is no way to control the communication process between a citizen who deals with the government agency and the public servant.

However, some good news has just reached us from Volgograd, Russia. On December 4th, the local library held a seminar on e-government tools & techniques for the most vulnerable and low-income population, including seniors. The seminar was advertised in the media and attracted the attention of the general public.

Attendees learned how to email the President of the Russian Federation and how to use the platform Governor and Government of the Volgograd Region. They also received training on buying train tickets and making appointments with doctors online.

The seminar was organized under the umbrella of the Your Course (Tvoy Kurs) program and administered with the help of libraries.

» More information (in Russian)

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