E-accessibility: A Dummies Guide to Web Accessibility - Vienna 2008, 2nd day

I am interested in the subject, despite all what I do at work. I write and build Web sites for companies, organizations, private citizens. So I appeared on this session ...end enjoyed it.

Presentation by Mr Steven Sintini.

Very important was what he said about, namely: „Wy should we make accessible websites?”

Overall, he has discussed the technical aspects, what do the web sites correctly for, so that they can be transferred to other tools not only computer, but TV, mobile, fridges and other devices.

For me correctly written HTML code is the foundation of the web page, appearance is important in 10%, content in 60%, the accuracy of the source code in 30%. If the code is correct, no developer is worried that there will be problems with displaying it. Technically well-written page can be viewed on multiple platforms and different types of browsers.

Alexander Fase – He discussed a model of quality and challenges for accessibility.

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