Educational safer internet events in summer camps

This summer association “Langas į ateitį“ initiated a campaign for children summer camps to raise the awareness about safer use of the internet and the potential dangers that lurk in cyberspace. Through June and July 10 summer camps were visited where more than 700 youngsters have participated in entertaining and educational events called „Safe on the Internet during summer time!“


Why educating children during the summer time?
Usually during the school year teachers prepare lessons of educational nature regarding the internet safety for their students; however there is a lack of such activities in the informal environment though they provide the opportunity to portray the principles of safe behaviour more flexibly and in a more fun manner. The interactive activities in summer camps were prepared to provide valuable information to children and youngsters and help them develop skills to safely use their smart devices; to draw their attention to internet safety and etiquette. Mobile telecommunications company “Omnitel” was the main sponsor of these events. The educational initiative and was also joined by Lithuanian safer internet centre partners: Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania, Centre of Information Technologies of Education, public organization "Children Line", telecommunication company Teo.


Activities – educational and entertaining
To make the learning as fun as possible the activities were divided into 3 parts:
1. Lecture on safer use of smart phones and avoiding cyber-bullying. Children were provided simple yet effective tips how to protect their smart devices.
2. Information area where campers interactively communicated with representatives of Lithuanian safer internet centre. In this area youngsters had possibility to test their behaviour on the internet, to ask concerning questions, to collect educational materials and win project souvenirs.
3. Brain battle during which participants were divided into groups and actively competed answering general and IT related questions.
Project team was pleased that campers actively participated in all the activities – got introduced to smart phone safety, visited the information area and took part in its activities as well as used acquired knowledge during the brain battle competition.


How partners evaluate the success of these events?
Monika Kuzminskaitė, the project portfolio manager at mobile telecommunication company “Omnitel” said: “Our younger generation knows very well how to use most of the smart applications and social networks. However, children rarely think about the risk that is posed by the internet, and especially using mobile phones that have very little similarities to the traditional computers, therefore they do not pay attention to the simplest safety rules”.





Rasa Karalienė, representative of Communications Regulatory Authority evaluated that: “This series of events was useful and meaningful not only for children, but also to us Safer internet centre partners. Only communicating with children face to face about their experience and looking for answers to their questions we receive the most real and the sincere responses that are valuable searching for better ways to educate our children.

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