The ALL DIGITAL Week became a significant event in most regions of Russia, from Kaliningrad through Komsomolsk-on-Amur, enabling over 30,000 people irrespective of age, gender, physical ability, or socio-economic status, to access the opportunities the digital world offers, and acquire and/or increase their digital skills they need to fully participate in society.

   Scratch Hackathons

To create additional opportunities for youth in acquiring and mastering their coding and collaboration skills and inspire them to work their ideas into reality, Scratch hackathons were launched for coders from the age of 6 to 17 at all skill levels. Young coders were challenged to create an animated story or a game in the Scratch environment.

Hackathons were held in 46 localities throughout Russia and proved to be the perfect venues to have fun and learn new things about technology and coding! They gave young programmers the chance to flex their skills, work with fellow hackers, and learn a lot of nuances from their mentors. Apart from work-related activities, kids and teenagers had a great time collaborating in teams, sharing their ideas and having sweets during tea breaks. The hackathon participants had a great opportunity to show off their programming skills to a wider audience, as their projects were evaluated not only by the teachers, but also by their parents and invited IT experts. The winners were awarded with  diplomas and valuable prizes.

“It was a wonderful working experience! Our young coders worked really hard and made the hackathon extra fun! We hope they will start dreaming about becoming IT designers or developers one day!  We will certainly continue exploring programming using Scratch,” a mentor from Vologda shared his opinion.

 Online flash mob

Over 140 participants from Samara, Velikiy Novgorod, Surgut, Saint-Petersburg, Komsomolsk-on-Amur and Khabarovsk joined a MY RUSSIA flesh mob launched by the Samara State Social and Pedagogical University students. The participants were encouraged to fill the Google Russia map with the most interesting and attractive places of their locality. Eventually, the map turned to be very attractive with a number of beautiful and inviting places in Russia: interesting small towns, attractive villages, some of the most magnificent natural heritage areas, which are usually off the tourist trail.

 “While filling in the map together with my students, we found so many interesting places that we have never heard about!” Computer Science school teacher.

 Empowered seniors

Older people still fall behind everybody else on internet use, and they are the most at risk of exclusion from digital society. The IT for Youth center trainers in Noyabrsk, Volzhskyi, Zheleznogorsk and Tambov encouraged their older citizens to learn how to use digital services and reap all the benefits they offer.

Noyabrsk didn’t limit its activities just to its city, six more sites joined their efforts to introduce the area’s senior residents to the digital civilization. Libraries in Salehard, Novyi Urengoy, Muravlenko towns and Pravokhettinskyi village conducted training seminars for 120 seniors. Student volunteers helped them to take the first click and register at the ALL DIGITAL Week website, create e-mail accounts and search for the necessary information online.

 “Without leaving home I can shop, communicate with my grandchildren, register for medical appointments, and complete a variety of other tasks! Thank you so much!" Valentina, 64 years of age.

"Our grandchildren do not have enough time to teach us to use all these technologies, they often do everything for us. I am sure that learning to use new technologies will be very useful for us. Nowadays, possessing sufficient technology literacy skills even for retirees, is not a luxury, but a vital necessity!" a 67- year old retiree said.

By all accounts, ALL DIGITAL Week was a great success with Russian participants!

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