Enhancing Digital Skills through Arduino Programming

The IT4Youth project Center based in the Ulyanovsk State University offered a diverse program for school kids of various ages, interests, social and educational backgrounds within the ALL DIGITAL week. During the first three days of the Week the team of trainers and student volunteers organized and held a series of training courses on coding and robotics to encourage youngsters to use technology to further develop their personal and professional lives and acquire valuable knowledge and skills for future jobs.

 School kids from eight Ulyanovsk schools were introduced to the basics of Arduino programming. For young people without previous maker experience, Arduino kits were a bit daunting at the beginning, but their curiosity and desire to create their own projects were greater.

By the end of the training, children were able to set their Arduino, read, understand and manipulate code. They learnt how to connect components to each other and were able to use basic sensors!

“It’s cute, and it’s fun! I really love Arduino! I became even more certain about choosing a job in the IT sphere!” one of the young training participants shared her experience.

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