Erasmus+ KA1 Job Shadowing organised by the MCA

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) has for the third time successfully completed an Erasmus+ funded project under KA1. Entitled “Women In ICT”, this mobility project had the purpose of offering job shadowing to staff members, for the period 2018-2019.

The project’s objective was to collaborate and enhance the network with key partners across the EU to establish best practice models for the promotion of opportunities for female employment and to encourage the uptake of coding amongst kids early on.

The first mobilities for four staff members took place in Ireland in June 2018, at the Irish Computer Society (ICS) – Dublin.  The ICS Foundation represents the IT profession in Ireland and advocates for and promotes digital inclusion, ICT in education for teaching and learning, and the teaching of technology in education. Staff members were exposed to some of their projects targeting women in employment and coding for kids.

In Dublin, staff members also visited the final exhibitors of Tech week at Limerick University. Tech Week is a festival of technology which aims to inspire students to engage actively with STEM subjects so they can make informed choices about their future careers.

Another mobility opportunity took place in July 2018 in Norway, whereby participants met up with Statnett HQ with the support of the European Centre for Women and Technology. Participants had the opportunity to learn how Statnett - a system operator in the Norwegian energy system, is using Artificial Intelligence to help maximise efficiency in its operations. This is possible through an AI based detector developed to monitor and predict faults at an early stage on particular sections of power systems.

Furthermore, participants also had the opportunity to learn about the Lær Kids Coding project. Teach the Kids Coding! - is a volunteer movement which aims to give children and teachers a better understanding of technology and make them conscious about their own use of technology.

The mobility experience under KA1 of Erasmus+ is a great opportunity to empower staff members with job shadowing in their field of work, as well as to enforce work relationships and morale at the work place.

We are always on the look out to initiate new projects, and to collaborate with partners on projects that it leads. For more information you are encouraged to get in touch via email on

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