EURO CAFE- Denmark,Serbia,Turkey and UK(Telecenter-Europe Summit in Istanbul)

After the workshops, in Euro Cafe. Denmark, Serbia, Turkey and UK implemented their organisations' presentation. In my opinion, one of the good and effective example was from Serbia. Serbia's organisation,which is name IAN Telecenter, have diffirent training models for diffirent groups and they aim to engage the marginalised group and unemployed people to digital life. They have 4 diffirent types of training which are IT Courses,English Course, Life Skill Courses and entrepreneurship. On the other hand, they allocate their courses to 2 group. First one is Long Term Educational programme and the other one is short term educational programme. Long Term Education is for 6 months and, it includes 7 basic IT cour skill couses and 5 life skill courses. In short ter educational programme, it is for one months and it includes 2 hours on ICT, 3 days about life long skills. Their trainings are really good organised.

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