At the begining of the ceremony, many impotant ministers spoke in the conference. That was very exiciting for all of the Turkey’s member because this is the first time that we attended to Formal Ministerial Conference. Gujan who is also invited to be reporter, he is the first time to go abroad.
We fit our headphone and we started to listen what they talked about. We just felt as a minister or come from big private company.

They spoke about, How ICT and e-inlusion are very important for developing. They gave good examples froö European countries.
But I want to mention that they really didn’t speak about youth. For us, for e-inlcusion Youth leaders are really important. As our association, we are Project coordinators, trainers and we do everything so if somebody trust us we can do and create many wonderful projects and works.

Furthermore, the mentionedt the very good points about how to include the disavantaged group as well and we learned that 30 or 40 % of people in Europe don’t make full use potential ICT

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Comment by Sergiu Dema on January 9, 2009 at 18:52
it was nice :)

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