Filling the digital technology gap of the modern labor market

There is no doubt that the evolution of digital technology has brought many opportunities in the world of modern businesses. There are many new ideas for businesses arising. Many different ways to use all that new technology in order to advertise the business, gain more customers and maximize the profit. However, there are still certain boundaries that have not yet been crossed.

One of those boundaries and probably the most important one is the lack of knowledge when it comes to digital technology. Yes everyone knows how to use a computer nowadays. But simply using a computer is very different to actually knowing how to use digital technology for professional reasons. There is a big gap between businesses and the need to find professionals in the field of digital knowledge.

This problem has caused a lot of businesses to fall behind. Business owners are desperately looking for people with the digital technology skills that will help them evolve their businesses but they do not have a lot of choices. There are not enough professionals out there to cover that needs.

At the same time, young people all around the world are struggling with unemployment. Regular professions are facing a downfall. Without proper knowledge regarding the new digital technology, young people are not able to find work. So what is the solution to this very severe problem that seems to be affecting both sides equally?

The answer is simple. Education. Through proper education regarding the importance of digital technology skills and of course the skills themselves, young men and women will be able to acquire the technical knowledge needed to be able to find employment based on the new types of businesses that will emerge over the next few years.

The importance of these skills has not gone unnoticed by the European Union. Therefore European projects, under big financial frameworks, are being implemented every year, focussing on teaching European about these new skills and competencies in order to give them an actual strong chance of finding employment in the European area.

Projects like the IT Launch Box have been specifically created in order to gather and form the best teaching material for digital technology skills and competencies. Organizations like Institute of Entrepreneurship Development and the Kielce Technology Park have devoted their time in creating the best teaching material, thus covering important needs that will emerge during this new era that is forming around businesses.

If you are looking for more information in these projects, pay a visit to the websites of these organizations. They have a lot to offer on more than just one level.


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