By Johanni Larjanko, Bildningsalliansen

It may seem strange that a country as technologically focused as Finland has never been a part of the ALL DIGITAL Week movement in Europe. After all, should we not think of digital inclusion as one of our key challenges in society today?

The answer is yes.

We should and we must address the issues. The threat of the digital divide is real. Our society is affected by technological development on a daily basis. Ok, so we need to talk about digital. We need to bring the discussion to where the people are. As far as I understand that is exactly what All Digital Week is all about. Together we can create a space where digital is being discussed, probed, developed and presented. All in a participatory manner.

We all have to start somewhere. In the autumn of 2017 Bildningsalliansen issued a number of open calls to all interested parties. We thought that the best way to build an open discussion space was together. There are many of us that work with digital inclusion, each in our own sector, each with our own focus. By pooling our resources we will be able to create something bigger. Something with more oomph.

It became clear from the start that we had a good thing going here. Almost everyone we reached out to responded with a resounding YES to cooperate. Our cooperation network grew quickly. The results speak for themselves. Without any funding or budget we managed to create the first incarnation of All Digital Week in Finland. Throughout the process more and more ideas popped up, and we got more suggestions for programme input than we could squeeze into the day.

For this was our decision: rather than trying to have activities every day of the week we went for a large one day digital event in Helsinki. Our reasoning was simple: this way we may attract some media attention. We also wanted to set an example of how you can organize public events, with the idea that next year more will follow our example and organize events all over Finland.

19 March became our All Digital Day. We managed to fill a house in downtown Helsinki with keynotes, discussions, a digital fair, presentations, and a lot of laughter. For one day digital was really on the agenda.

We had a digital fair with participation of YLE, Elävä arkisto,, Svenska Hörselförbundet, Kieku, Pelitalo. Lärum, Lyfta, Folkhälsan, Helsingfors stadsbibliotek, Seniorsurf, FSS, Helsinki Missio, InnoEdu, Prakticum, Nordea, Arcada, Open Knowledge Finland, Wikimedia.

You can see the full Agenda on our website, and below you will see parts of it translated so that you see the variety of presentation, workshops and other activities.

This was also noted in media, we participated in a live YLE broadcast for almost 20 minutes (national public radio), talking about digital. One podcast was made during the day and one phone interview for Ålands radio.

The end result? A very good feeling. We managed to get some high-level input on how Helsinki goes digital! 

We heard why a mother of 37 started a really popular youtube-channel.

Hannu, the police officer showed in very clear graphics how common crime is online.

Mikaela ran a popular workshop on how to get going on Instagra.

Thomas presented a new research project on how the digital disruption affects shops and stores.

And that was just a very small sample on the more than 30 presentations offered throughout the day.

More photos from the event

Here is the link to the VIDEO (in a different tab), but if you press on the play below, it will also play


10.00  Digital Helsinki - The Human Formed City, Ville Meloni, City of Helsinki
Ville tells what city strategy states about digitalisation and resident orientation (the human aspect) - and presents a variety of concrete cases and services where these perspectives are already being implemented.
10.45 Hazardous Sites for Online Shopping, Saija Kivimäki, European Consumer Center in Finland (also via FB live broadcast)
The European Consumer Center provides information on the problems of cross-border trade and provides mediation in disputes concerning procurement in the EU. We are part of the European Consumer Centers Network (ECC-Net), which is managed by the European Commission. In Finland, the European Consumer Center is part of the Competition and Consumer Agency (SMEs). Read more

11.15 This is how we are fooled - archeology online, Hannu Kortelainen, the police
Online affairs have increased dramatically in recent years and, as a result, there have evolved a variety of forms of crime around the deal, in particular, various types of fraud. The police's "Archeology Online" presentation gives a snapshot of what kinds of scams and abuses on the internet can run and how to avoid them.

11.45 Helsinki Photo Gallery - Aki Pohjankyrö, Helsinki City Museum

13.00 Tube Wizard Help - As a YouTube Contribution Tool, Inari Fernández explains how the Mother Tongue's YouTube channel and the Tube Wave Phenomena Helping Young People were born.

13.20 YLE as a digital player now and in the future. Gunilla Ohls, Strategy Director Yle

14:00 Older pictures reissued, Kimmo Virtanen Wikimedia Finland. NB! For this, it takes the Android puppy. Note For this workshop you need an Android phone.

15.00 E-Health, Maria Forss, Arcada

15.15 When business becomes digital, what happens to business? Thomas Westerholm, Director of the Research Laboratory for Business Disruptions at Turku University.
Digitization induces fundamental changes in our business life. Nobody goes further untouched. Companies engage in extensive transformation processes to keep up with the new competition. New knowledge needs transform our labor market. New innovations and business ideas cast out established, traditional market leaders. Where are we going? How can we use the new digital economy? Turku University Laboratory Lab Laboratory of Business Disruptions conducts research and development to deepen understanding and create new concepts for business disruptions. Read more

16.00 Digital opportunities for entrepreneurs / startups in Finland. Reidar Wasenius, CEO, Finnish Business Angels Network
10.00-16.00 Exhibition
YLE, Elävä arkisto,, Svenska Hörselförbundet, Kieku, Pelitalo. Lärum, Elevator, Public Health, Helsinki City Library, Seniorsurf, FSS, Helsinki Missio, InnoEdu, Kodarhörna, Nordea, Arcada, Open Knowledge Finland, Wikimedia

Tony Pohjolainen and Oskar Tapaninen join their podcast Irrelevant Assortment. If you want to join for a few minutes, they bring an extra microphone. Sit down and grab the pod for a while. You will find them on the third floor of the G18.
In addition: Q & A: Why are Podcasts so popular, the Irrelevant Assortment Hosts answer your questions.

13.30-14.00 In cooperation with the Duv Theater
Get started with Instagram! Mikaela Henriksson, Swedish Youth
Everyone is at Instagram. Or are they? How do they get the pictures look so pretty? What are Instagram stories? How do you get followers? What is a good insta photo? Mikaela guides you through the jungle, and with the help of Duv Theater's props, try to take some different pictures. Note Bring your own smart phone (ie one with a camera).

11.15 General about hearing and hearing loss, Johan Wikström, Swedish Hearing Association

11.40 Let the story hug! - Celia's thousands of audio books online, Pirjo Nironen, Celia
Celia's audio book service is available to you if impaired vision, learning disability, muscle spasms or other causes make it difficult to read a printed book. Join Celia's audio library service at the municipal or city library and get thousands of audio books to listen to free of charge online! You can listen to Celia's audio books easily on your phone or tablet using the Pratsam Reader listening software or streaming on a computer. Read more

12.00 VR Technology and Story in Phenomenon Learning, YC Felin, Lyfta
Lyftan Learning Environments and Teacher Materials Lead Students to Phenomena and Cultures. The digital learning platform built on the foundation of the curriculum basics offers a stimulating, easy to use and comprehensive set of comprehensive learning. 

3.00 YLE: General Account & Digitraining, Nicolina Zilliacus-Korsström & Katja Solla, General
13.30 Welcome to the podcast world. The whole world in your ears. Sampsa Fabritius, Kieku

14:00 Digital working methods for students in need of support. Johan Palmén, Public Health.

10.45-16.00 Huone / room 101
In Digit Counselling you can get help with the use of IT and digital services. You can bring your computer, tablet computer or smartphone if you have one or more commands and try the computer or discuss which computer would suit your particular use. You do not need to pre-sign up, come in and discuss with our tutor in room 101 when it suits you between 10-16!

10.45 What can you do with your phone / touchpad? Jan Amnell from Helsinki's arbis shows neat services.

11.00 Library e-material, Saara Leskinen, Helsinki City Library
The library offers free electronic resources that you can use anywhere, anytime. The library card is the key to thousands of e-books as well as newspapers and magazines, hundreds of audio books and countless hours of music. Read and listen to your own mobile device or computer.

11.20's services are presented

13.00 Web as a store: your purchase decisions are governed. Mats Adamczak, Web behavior analyst

13.30 SETTING PGA DISEASE "Well, I'm doing!" Digital participation through Easy-to-read IT. Carina Frondén, Educational Developer and Editor at FDUV

13.50 1. "New Digital Rights: the EU's Privacy Policy (GDPR) and MyData (Citizen's Eye)", Teemu Ropponen, Open Knowledge Finland
Data is said to be new oil, but is the role of privacy? Data protection is in a huge turmoil when users feel that they have been fooled by the EU's privacy policy to radically change the situation and bring new rights to citizens - but how do they use them?
MyData (omadata) thinking, on the other hand, relies on the privacy policy. The MyData concept in the government program also focuses on the person who decides what information itself is disclosed. How can these blocks become a fair and open, respectable information society?,, sekä tästä ">For more information, visit,, and here

2 "OpenStreetMap - Improving Map Routing, Service Maps and Humanitarian Crisis Maps", Markku Huotari and Erno Mäkinen, Open Knowledge Finland
OpenStreetMap is any editable open global map that is used in Finland for example. the HSL route guide, the service and some other local route guides and global relief agencies, for example in disaster situations.,, ">For more information, visit,,

14.40 Bank, anywhere and anytime, Kati Kemell and Petri Partanen, Nordea

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