From eASIA 2008: ICT for Eductaion, Are we doing the right thing?

In the plenary address at the first day Inaugural Session Jyrki Pulkkinen, CEO, Global eSchools and Communities Initiative (GeSCI) ( made a very interesting point.

" It is right to put computers and internet at school level, but ICT alone cannot transform the community. We have to put the right conception first "

He went on highlighting the difference between the geographical map and the knowldge map of the world. In the knowledge map, the world looks very awkward. Most of the countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia is missing in the knowledge map. And interestingly the income map is similar to the knowledge map.

So when we analyse the problems we have at hand, it is clear we have put forward the techonology first, failing to address the required knowledge and skills to be honed.

When I shared this with Richard Fuchs, Regional Director, East and South East Asia,IDRC, he just told me " Forget about the schools, the infrastructure and the structures..concentrate on the student, and his needs"

So the tranformation should come from the bottom, the last mile. As Einstein said " You cannot find the solution at the same level of thinking, which the problem arisen, you have to think beyond"

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