GDCO Sudan Projects, Winner of 7 Information for Development Awards



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Gedaref digital city organization (GDCO) (movie فيلم 1 movie فيلم 2)  is a nongovernmental and nonprofit organization (Gedaref Sudan). GDCO is part of the Telecentres movement where ICT is used for community development. GDCO is the winner of seven (7) information for development awards.  It is the founder of the first Telecentre academy (Sudan National Telecentre Academy SuNTA) in Africa and the Middle East and the thirteen in World. GDCO is founded in partnership with the Digital City of Eindhoven (DSE) Netherlands and supported by Eindhoven volunteers for Gedaref projects (SPEG) and many partners. DSE donated 750 computers and many projects including e-Agriculture  الزراعة الالكترونية movie فيلم e-Education عربي, connecting people with disability الاعاقة (disability فيلم movie), e-Health عربي, out of schoolchildren عربي, empowering women through ICT (ONE MILLION TRAINED 2014) and more عربي.

            Telecentres are strong win-win public, people and private partnership (more than 87.000 Telecentres, in 52 countries, 72 national networks and 6 multi-lingual networks) sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices for the development of marginalized, disadvantage and underserved communities. Telecentres overcome barriers that limit the sustainable development, reduce the impact of poverty, empowering women through ICT and more than one million were trained the basic computer and internet courses 2014, include the excluded specially for people with disability.

information for development award 2007 (i4d e-India)

information for development award 2008 (i4d e-India)

information for development award 2009 (i4d e-India)

eWorld award India 2009

Best Telecentre award 2011 (Philippines)

Best Sudanese Civil Society Working on ICT for Development 2011 (Sudan)

Global Knowledge Partnership Foundation (GKPF) 4 Community Development

Through ITU

 1st Telecentre Academy in Africa and Middle East and the 13th in world (2008)

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