GDCO & Telecentre Movement Role in WSIS process

Telecentress are strong win-win public, people and private partnership (more than 87.000 Telecentres, in 52 countries, 72 national networks and 6 multi-lingual networks) sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices for the development of marginalized, disadvantage and underserved communities. Telecentres overcome barriers that limit the sustainable development, reduce the impact of poverty, empowering women through ICT and more than one million were trained the basic computer and internet courses 2014, include the excluded specially for people with disability. Telecentres are  strong tools for eradication of the resources of illiteracy and improve the quality of education @ reduced costs through ICT.

            Gedaref digital city organization (GDCO) is a member of the global Telecentres movement and it is a non-governmental and non-profit civil society organization founded in partnership with Eindhoven Digital City (DSE) Netherlands and supported by many partners and developed many projects including e-Agriculture, out of school children e-learning, connecting people with disability (e-education) and empowering women through ICT projects. DSE donated 750 computers and they were used for developing our community projects

            GDCO mission is utilization of ICT for  better community development to connect the unconnected in strong win-win public, private and people partnership (PPPP). GDCO is highly linked to the WSIS process:-

1- GDCO and foundation are partners with ITU in iwrite4wsis campaign or initiative to empower stakeholders to write and report on all WSIS related events and activities, sharing their work and ideas with thousands of WSIS stakeholders online worldwide.

2- GDCO is participating in the WSIS forums since 2009 by workshops, exhibitions and many interventions. Also participated in ITU world telecom Geneva 2011 conference and it win ITU certificate as one of the best world digital talent, world telecom Dubai and world telecom Doha (speaker in both about ICT for better environment and smart cities). GDCO participated in the  Multi-stakeholder high level Dialogue on Implementation of WSIS Action @ wsis 2014 

3- GDCO supported by Global Partners Digital Organization participated in the wsis+review meeting in Paris (March 2015), Paris, connecting Dot (UNESCO),  two days meeting in New York (14-15 October) to discuss the WSIS+10 review zero draft, and agree on Joint submission to WSIS+10 Review zero draft, participated in 2nd Informal Interactive Stakeholder Consultation @ UN general assembly (ECOSOC),  also in 2nd Preparatory Meeting, and the  Side Events During the meetings. GDCO has a non-paper submitted to the meeting  for the zero draft. it was suppose to be panelist in the 1st Informal Interactive Stakeholders Consultation on 2 July 2015

 4- GDCO has more than 200 blogs (unite-it,, community Telecentre,, knowledge community) , 5000 photos (Telecentre, flickr GDCO, flickr Ugabytes) and more than 70 videos (YouTube 1, YouTube  2, Telecentres) about the role of ICT for community development and more than 50% are about the WSIS process and forums


6-  Member of ISOC, Arabic-IGF,,, NCUS and world of e-government organization (WeGO)

7- foundation in partnership with ITU trained one million women in 2014 the basic courses of computer and internet

8- GDCO celebrate the world information technology day on 17th of May annually

9- GDCO participated in many group discussions (including,,, which is Civil Society FfD List, ) for the UN post 2015 Development Summit and it became a partner and accredited (#138) to participate but we fail to be there

10- GDCO celebrate the world information technology day on 17th of May annually

11- wsis project prizes 2012 -2015




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