Get Online Week 2013 - Sweden - succes stories - Mini trade fair “Your computer will make you rich!” at the Växjö Library

We focused on organizing a mini trade fair on Wednesday, March 20. Our goal was to prove that the Internet offers something for everyone. All day, our visitors were given the opportunity to experience, test and learn a great deal, particularly in terms of the Internet’s social, entertainment and other interesting possibilities. We showcased such services as Spotify, Instagram, YouTube and SvtPlay.

We Skyped with a local celebrity (Peije Johansson), two elderly women played Wordfeud, we held a presentation about online genealogy, and showed the library’s LPD database, where visitors can read newspapers from across the globe and find more material about their native district via Platsr. Visitors were given the opportunity to become better acquainted with their tablet computer or smartphone in safe hands. The educational association demonstrated how to maintain an online study group and presented beginners groups for women on computers, in Arabic and Swedish.

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