Get online week 2014 Romania - Coder Dojo story at telecentre Lugoj

Coder Dojo story

This story is written by Verba Valentina,  student in 8th grade, Secondary School No. 4 Lugoj.

Among all activities in which students, and not only, may participate, Coder Dojo is an educational course that teaches young people in areas specializing in computer technology. There are currently 390 Dojos in 43 countries.

I learned about it at school, when the opportunity to set up Coder Dojo was only hypothetical. However, searching on the Internet I found out that this will happen. Digging more, I found that Coder Dojo was becoming increasingly interesting, already existing in Europe. In Romania there are four Dojos. The one set up in Lugoj, in the western region of the country provides the possibility to those aged 7 to 17 years to build skills in several areas, such as: to work in html, to create computer programmes and games, and others.  

Dojo is always filled with a friendly atmosphere. Mentors are highly skilled volunteers, high school pupils participating in computer science olympiads and IT university students coming to teach young people out of pleasure.  They develop knowledge games to learn more about the colleagues who later may become our friends. Since from the first Coder Dojo edition, we found out what everyone wished to learn, working in this way in groups and encouraging teamwork through creative games.

Each Saturday at Coder Dojo brings new knowledge. We have advertised the “Get Online!” Campaign and in this year’s edition of the campaign it was created a Coder Dojo workshop. In this way, other young people have benefited from these interactive workshops and have learned, little by little, all they need to know, and, with support, to develop websites, games and programmes. During the campaign there have been recruited as many young people who will continue to attend these workshops in the future.

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