Get Online Week 2015 – One year later in a pensioner’s life

Dumitru Petre is 75 years old and is from Slobozia, Romania. He has been a dedicated visitor of Stefan Banulescu Library  for the past 12 years – last year he even received the award for the most loyal customer – given to him during the Library Day.

“We all feel great here, it is pretty quiet, nice, and warm and a great place to spend part of your time after a life of running around and working hard. It was here where I first started believing that computers are for everyone and made the first attempts to experiment with it. I had first heard about it during the 2014 Hai pe Net campaign, and I enrolled in the activities because there were special events featured for first time users and seniors.

I think it is amazing to think how many people are connected to the internet at the same time – somehow I need time to digest this whole thing about modern technology since for us seniors it is still a mind blowing experience! I mostly use the computers at the library to read news around the world, to find various information, and most specially to speak to my children and grandchildren who live in Canada. I am proud to say that I took one step further in using the computer – and I started editing various informational materials for my fellow pensioners and friends, and even my neighbors at home. But most important of all, when I celebrated 50 years of marriage I launched a book called The Journal of a lifetime, and I know I could have never done it if I had not decided to start using the computer during the Hai pe Net campaign at my local library. I must take this opportunity to say how happy I am and how empowered I feel by being connected to the world – it sure helps me be an active and pro-active pensioner who can still contribute something valuable to the community”.


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Comment by Gabi Barna on April 3, 2015 at 11:08

The inclusion of seniors is extremelșy important. Good examples and stories like this one make us continue with digital inclusion in Romania! Thank you MIhaela and the team at the library in Slobozia!

Comment by Mihaela Racoviteanu on April 1, 2015 at 10:41

Thank you, Gordana! We have here, at our library, special summer programs every year for digital inclusion of the seniors. It is very pleasant when somebody apreciates our efforts...

Comment by Gordana Stankov on April 1, 2015 at 10:30

 Nice story! Congratulations to Mr Dumitru Petre as wel as to the library for their efforts.

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