Get Online Week 2016 in Estonia: Raising awareness and contest Smart Youtuber 2016

Get Online Week 2016 in Estonia was organized by Smart Work Association, Civitta Estonia, Estonian Union of Child Welfare and Look@World Foundation . Since the „getting online“ in Estonia is not that much of a problem (almost everyone is already „online“), we decided to create a campaign to rise youths’ awareness on internet safety.

To have a short overview about Estonians’ internet usage and ICT skills (e-voting, e-tax declaration etc) have a look at an American talk show with Estonian Prime Minister as a quest:

The awareness campaign and a vlog contest

The campaign was built up of two parts. First part, that took place before the 14th of March, contained informing young people that using the internet can be unsafe if you don’t do it wisely. For informing and reaching the youngsters we sent information about the internet safety issues to the schools (to all school levels from kindergartens to the universities) and media (online magazines, Facebook, Youtube). The teachers spread the word by posting it on the school websites and by talking about it in the classroom.

The second part of the campaign was the vlog contest “Wise Youtuber 2016”. We decided that this kind of contest would be the best way to reach youngsters and get them to understand the possible safety issues. Vlogs are becoming more and more popular among the Estonian youngsters and some of the videos posted on the internet contain way too much of a personal information.

Therefore rules were set for the vlogs, for an example we pointed out that it is important to pay attention what gets in to the filmed vlogs, reminded that it is not safe to show in the vlgos your home address or people without agreeing on it etc, also it was not allowed to show any violence.

During the Get Online Week also Kolga School carried out another very successful video story contest “E like Estonia”.

The Results

The campaign and the contests went very well, we reached over 3 400 people during the first part of the campaign and over 260 people through the video contests. We want to point out that not only the kids got involved, but also the teachers and children’s parents got involved too. They helped to film the vlogs and to look over the vlogs’ contents.

Children had to sign up for the contest during the Get Online Week and they can submit their videos until 31th of March. The first submitted vlogs are found on Youtube.

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