Get Online Week 2016 in Lithuania: Discover more

More and more of us significant part of our  time spend  on the Internet, use more and more of it and ICT tools, so we are  invited to create a safe environment, a better understanding of the possibilities offered by the Internet and prevent cyber threats. This is one of the most important messages of  Get Online Week 2016 campaign in Europe and Lithuania. It is also emphasized that in the near future, as much as 90 percent of  jobs in Europe - including engineering, accounting, nursing, medicine, art, architecture and other professions - will need special ICT skills.

Association “Langas į ateitį“ is participating  in this EU campaign  already for the 7th time. This allows it to observe the rapidly growing information technology and Internet influence on all areas of life. This year Get Online Week  emphasizes safe behavior and confidence online. This is especially important, given that as much as 70 percent Europeans are scared of losing their online personal data. Our proposed solution - to learn and to teach how to stay safe online. Today, it is the same as to know safe traffic  rules. Another important "Get Online Week 2016 message in Lithuania: tremendous   youth activity on the Internet does not mean that young people have sufficient digital skills for work. Although 95 percent  16-24 year olds regularly use the Internet, relatively few of them - just 53.3 percent- have sufficient  career skills.

Association "Langas į ateitį" last Monday started the campaign with a huge bunch of partners and events. It offered activities for the school community, librarians, youth employment centers,  visitors and senior citizens. Adults and children were invited to measure their knowledge in various tests and barometers, participate in online seminars, competitions, round table discussions, meet security experts,   discover  youth-oriented job search network All information about the campaign in Lithuania and its progress is  available on the website

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