Get Online Week 2017 in Rijeka, Croatia

In Croatia, Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka participated in its 6th consecutive Get Online Week. CTC Rijeka provided 12 free, comprehensive one-day lectures and workshops.

Our community responded by participating in our programme. Participating citizens came from all walks of life - students, unemployed, seniors, employed and freelancers. During the GOW 2017, 66 citizens participated in 12 lectures and workshops. Our workshops were centred around 2 themes, cybersecurity and employment.

In cybersecurity, we gave lectures on the dangers on the Internet, such as computer viruses, malware and adware, explained Facebook to seniors, and gave an introductory lesson on Skype.

To foster employment, CTC Rijeka focused on providing its young participants with the relevant knowledge and skills, such as programming and visual presentation with programs like Adobe Photoshop and Canva. Also, participants learned how to use the Europass format to better present their skills and experience and get a better chance for employment.

What follows are just a few samples from the eventful Get Online Week 2017.

We loved our Facebook workshop for seniors. They are mostly concerned about who can see what they post. Thus, this workshop emphasized Facebook’s various privacy settings. Also, we provided written step-by-step instructions, so that everyone could follow and implement the subject matter explained in the workshop.

Visual design is getting ever more important, so we offered a workshop in a free online graphic design tool Canva, where our seasoned designer and lecturer Sanjin gave a comprehensive lecture about visual design.

To sum it up, during the Get Online Week 2017 CTC Rijeka held twelve lectures and workshops, which were visited by over eighty citizens. The promotion of the event was conducted via our website, our Facebook event page, on the Croatian Get Online Week Facebook event page, and with the local print media. As ever, we were happy to participate in the initiative, all the while providing sound education for our citizens.

Thank you for your attention, and see you next year!

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