Activation Foundation was involved in Get Online Week 2015 in Poland as the FRSI Partner. Around The Get Online Week many activities were organized, as well as meeting and workshops.

In eight Foundation Offices throughout Poland participants could take part in the workshop: “Selfie professionals” The programme of the workshop, prepared  by  our foundation, was mainly focused on developing  participants’ e-skills. The aim of the event was to show the role of the Internet and social media in the job searching process.

The main goal was to increase the knowledge about business media for professionals. Workshop participants learned how to build their online image using the Internet and how to use social media to search for a job. Nowadays many people use social media without having  control of what they publish online. People are not aware of their actual image in the web.

One of our offices based in Warsaw organized a Career Counseling Day. All activities were aimed at unemployed people under 30, or young people looking for a job. The gathering offered meetings with Career adviser and raising awareness presentation on digital jobs. Visitors could find information about their rights and opportunities, where to look for a suitable position, advice on writing your CV, tips how to prepare for the job interview, etc. Foundation Activation presentation - New technology as a support for the job search process.

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