In Macedonia, 3,155 people gave their support by filling the digital counter on the Open the Windows website.

During the campaign, several events were organized which included governmental and educational institutions, civil organizations, schools and individuals with disabilities. At the very first day, the number of registered supporters exceeded last year's total.

Several primary schools all over the country organized classes on Internet safety attended by students, teachers and parents. At the J. B. Tito primary school from Valandovo, a virtual football tournament was organized as suggested by Viktorija Penova, a student in the eight grade and a wheelchair user.

Teachers Dobri Jovevski and Zivka Stoilkovska from Kriva Palanka, held presentations in the central school Ilinden, as well as in two other schools, and in the dormitory in the town.

On 19.03.2013, thirty students from the Institute of Speech Therapy from the Medical Faculty visited the Center for Assisitive Technology. The students were introduced to the use of assistive technology and the services of the Center.

On 20.03.2013, the association held the round table "Digital inclusion in Macedonia", where the Deputy Minister of Information Society and Administration Marta Arsovska Tomovska gave a speech. The participants discussed the ongoing efforts and initiatives for improving the digital inclusion in the Macedonian society.

At the end of the Get Online Week, two events for promotion of the campaign were held:

Representatives of the association visited the Sv. Naum Ohridski public high school for education and rehabilitation, where two students held presentations in front of an audience for the first time. The present teachers and parents expressed interest in further cooperation with the association.

Later in the day, at the regular meeting of the Third Age University, the association held the debate: "Information technology and the third age: Opportunity or difficulty".

In front of nearly a hundred "students", professor Ljupco Ajdinski, Miki Trajkoski from the Preventus association and Magdalena Dimkova-Velevska from Open the Windows gave their speeches. 

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