Get Online Week Dortmund 2015

This year the Get Online Week took place in Dortmund, Germany, for the first time. It was initiated, organized and coordinated by a seminar of eleven students of rehabilitation science as a course with their lecturer, Dr. Bastian Pelka, and took place with kind support of Stiftung Digitale Chancen, Berlin.

We are a course of eleven students of the Technical University Dortmund and found out that there is a demand for courses on ICT competences in several institutions around the urban area of Dortmund. In December 2014 we invited all telecentres, learning and employment organisations and welfare institutions in Dortmund for a kick off conference for the GOW. We collected ICT related topics which those institutions felt the most urgent need to be addressed by digital competences. After five months of work on those courses we were able to present seven topics that we would address in short courses (2 hours) during the GOW. Those courses would be free of charge for participants and partner organisations.

During December 2014 and March 2015 we initiated cooperations with around 40 partner organisations in Dortmund and Germany – including Stiftung Digitale Chancen and Vodafone Germany who supported us with tablet computers (thanks!), the federal employment agency, several schools, the city council on youth and more than ten welfare institutions in the fields of senior care and workshops for people with disabilities. The director of the City of Dortmund Economic Development Agency committed himself as patron of the GOW Dortmund 2015 and underlined the importance of digital competences for the Dortmund labour market in a kick off meeting we held on 21st March.

These are courses we held in Dortmund during the GOW 2015:

  1. “Facebook for people with a mental disability”: Young people have to know that it is important to use the internet safely. Especially people with a mental disability often post their addresses, phone numbers and other private things. 14 people visited the courses and learned a lot about the save use of facebook. For the event on Saturday 11 participants signed on. Find out more on safe facebook for people with mental disabilities:
  2. "How to write a job application”: This course was set up to help people to bring their applications in a structured way. In a digital society it is important to know how to use the internet to apply oneself. These courses had 7 participants and was done in cooperation with the employment agency in Dortmund. During the course they developed step by step a vita and other important documents for an application.
  3. "Orientate in Dortmund’s web space": 21 participants were trained to used the internet to create their own tour through Dortmund and the region called Ruhrgebiet.
  4. "Online Games and online addiction". This course was installed for parents to inform themselves about the risk of online gaming and the possibility of online addiction.  More than 21 people were interested in this theme.
  5. "Basic knowledge about a personal computer”: In this course pupils (11-16 years) can learn how to use a PC. They start to open up programs on the desktop and finish the course with a little online research. Round about 16 young students signed in for this course.
  6. "Smartphone and Tablets": Is it possible to use smartphones, tablets and app’s in school lessons? This course gave some answers about the latest possibilities.
  7. “Prevention and information”: This course was established for a school in Werne, a small town near Dortmund. This course was installed for pupils aged 12+ that learn with the help of tablets at school. These students received information about the consequences of cyberbullying. Around 50 students took part in the project.

Our activities were covered by the local newspaper and we were followed by a group of students on camera and video journalism from WAM. They will upload their video documentation on GOW Dortmund 2015 soon, stay connected!

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