Get Online Week in Estonia - robot battle and smart device security

In Estonia the campaign was divided into 3 main parts. 

1. Rising general awareness about safe use of smart devices. Smart devices have become very popular but many people don’t treat them as computers. 64% of Estonian residents could use smart devices in 2014. Amongst 14-18 year olds this is almost 100%.

Therefore the safety awareness is much lower. But the more everyday task we do with smart devices the more critical it becomes that we know how to use them in a safe way. We published online games and polls that related to smart device security. These were meant for students. We had different schools using them in their classes. These were uploaded to our website and sent to schools. They also had access to videos about smart device security.

2. We organised hands-on robotics event "Robotics battle" for Estonian politicians and ICT-entrepreneurs where they could try out what kids do in IT-clubs. 

Participants were divided into teams of two and each team had also a young mentor. Adults had 1 hour to fulfil 2 tasks - build a Sumo-robot (using Lego robotics) and programming a robot to do certain tasks. The aim of the event was to give hands on practice and show how exciting learning ICT can be. The main goal is to have more after-school clubs that deal with IT. They should become as popular as singing and dancing clubs. The event was very successful and was very effective for media attention. For the politicians a white paper was created to highlight the main benefits of kids dealing with IT from early on. It has a clear impact on their future choices - educational and work related. We recommend similar events to other countries as well. Event was organised in cooperation with Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (officially abbreviated as ITL). 

3. We organised a school-event for creating creative content. The event took place in Kolga school. They organised a video-making competition. The task was to create vidoes to the theme of “Video-pictures”. So it meants that the students had to use a lot creative thinking. During the week students also had the chance to play games related to internet safety. We had diplomas for the best teams and small presents.

Video for "Robot battle":

Photos: Robot Battle and kids playing games/watching videos about smart device security.


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