Get Online Week 2013 has started in Russia!

The Get Online Week 2013 campaign started on March 18th. More than 560 organizations from different regions in Russia were engaged to participate in the campaign. During the week, they will hold a series of open and free activities in their computer venues, such as training sessions and competitions for over 10.000 participants. At this moment, already 1300 participants from Russia took part in the campaign!

The events and workshops for youth and adults will be devoted to the development of the information culture and ICT skills in order to help them implement their opportunities in education, work, business and life. Traditionally, thousands of people will go on the Internet for the first time. Volunteers will help them to learn about the network.

Organizers & supporters

The Get Online Week 2013 campaign is organized by Telecentre-Europe (TE), the International Association of ICT centers in Europe that represents European networks of computer learning & ICT training centres and supported by the European Commission, Microsoft, Liberty Global and Accenture.

In Russia, the national coordinator of the campaign is a PH International, which is a nonprofit corporation. The information on the support and organization of the event in Russia can be found on the website of the project "Tvoy Kurs: IT for youth" and also on the partners’ websites. PH International with its partner, the international student organization AIESEC, and Tvoy Kurs computer centers have implemented the project since October 2012.

The project goes under the umbrella of the Microsoft YouthSpark global initiative, which allows young people to realize their potential in three important areas - education, employment and entrepreneurship.

GOW2013 in Russia

In our country the Get Online Week 2013 campaign will be held in more than 560 institutions (schools, libraries, universities, NGOs, computer literacy centers, and other organizations) from 87 localities. It will be held for students, school children and other citizens who want to develop their ICT skills and ability to work in the network.

During the 18 - 24 March Get Online Week 2013 we will organize the following events:
• round tables and conferences;
• training and testing of computer literacy;
• trainings and seminars of ICT skills development;
• voluntary campaigns.

In the Tvoy Kurs digital literacy centers and partner schools the volunteers of the “Tvoy Kurs: IT for youth” project will conduct career guidance trainings (developed by PH) with a focus on IT. They will also conduct the “Copyright in the digital environment” course, the “Children safety on the Internet” course, video games creating workshops, as well as workshops for the development of various software, tools, services, and opportunities of social media.

Internet centers and schools will offer new users (the older people) the workshops on acquaintance with internet (browser, search engine, e-mail, Skype, etc.), as well as familiarity with electronic services (such as online shopping, the record to the doctor, utilities, etc.). In addition, the Tvoy Kurs centers will continue testing and listing people to computer literacy courses.

During the campaign, participants can find the following materials and tools translated into Russian on the project website:
• Skillage test for ICT skills assessment that are needed  for employment.
• A copyright in the digital environment course.
• Brochure on the safety of children on the Internet.
• A short video course on how to create computer games for beginners and schoolchildren
• Extra and promotional materials on campaign subjects.

Contests for students

The GOW2013 campaign in Russia will include two contests for students:

  • “Teach your family" campaign: the students will be invited to volunteer and help their friends and family to acquire computer or Internet.
  • Career Guidance game-quest "I am a specialist of the future" which will help high school students make their life choices, learn more about​​ the diversity of professions, about their relationship with information technology and about electronic tools and features that can help them with job searching and employment.

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