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The UMI-Sci-Ed project aims to empower youngsters to think creatively, apply new knowledge in an effective way, become continuously competitive in a highly demanding working environment. The ability to switch efficiently between different disciplines such as science disciplines depends on processing effectively the educational material based on clearly defined outcomes, expanding a broad repertoire of ICT communication, problem solving and decision-making skills, and using the collective knowledge represented in networks, based on working environments. The orientation of UMI-Sci-Ed is entrepreneurial and multidisciplinary in an effort to raise young boys’ and girls’ motivation in science education.

To learn more about the UMI-Sci-Ed project, subscribe to our project channel. We are currently featuring interviews with three experts who describe what is being done in the Greek, Finnish and Irish pilots, what the next steps are and how you & your institution can gain from our work.

Below you can see the playlist of the three videos, or you can check directly on UMI-Sci-Ed YouTube Channel

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