Global Partners Digital (GPD) is supporting the WSIS+10 prepartory meetings and online discussion

Global Partners Digital (GPD) is a social purpose company based in London, with a global network of partner organizations and associates.

GPD are a small team based in Shoreditch in London working with civil society groups, governments, international institutions and businesses.   GPD  is very active in the WSIS+10 review process and held many meetings (one in Paris attended by GDCO in march 2015). GPD is leading on line discussion on the WSIS+10 process to prepare for the WSIS+10 summit 15-16 December 2015 @ UN headquarter in New York.  

Over the past month, GPD have been in conversation with the Dutch government about ways to jointly contribute towards supporting civil society engagement in the WSIS Review process. Last week, we received the great news that the government decided to make available a dedicated pot of funding for this purpose.

The funds in the amount of cca 50,000 EUR, which will be managed by GPD, are aimed specifically at developing a coordinated civil society strategy for engagement in the Review and organizing a 2-day civil society coordination event on the margins of the UNGA formal consultations in NY in October (preliminary scheduled for October 13 and 14*). The bulk of the funding is dedicated towards funding participation of groups from the global South in the on-site event and arranging logistics. (the fund application form click here)

In the interest of inclusiveness and transparency, we would appreciate and welcome input from relevant stakeholders, and this group in particular, on two elements of the project: strategy development and organizing the on-site meeting.

As an immediate priority (due to the very short time frame to apply and secure US entry visas), we would appreciate your reactions on the proposed selection process and criteria:

Selection process:

Call for applications to be circulated on Monday with a rolling deadline to facilitate timely travel booking and visa processing:

First deadline - Friday , September 18

Second deadline - Thursday, September 24

Third deadline - Thursday, October 1

Applications will be evaluated as soon as possible after each deadline by GPD and the funder according to the below criteria;

Applicants will be notified as soon as possible on whether they have been a) selected (funded or non-funded), b) rejected, or c) put on the waiting list;

Selection criteria:

1- Previous engagement in the WSIS process and the Review

2- Short statement of interest to participate in the event

3- Geographic/gender diversity

4- Due to time constraints and difficulties this poses for obtaining visas, visa status may be taken into account for applications received after the second deadline (24 September)

Meeting date

The preliminary dates for the meeting are October 13 and 14 in order to allow groups to discuss their comments on the zero draft (deadline for comments is October 15), as well as to consider a coordinated approach for the stakeholder consultations scheduled for October 19. (the fund application form click here)

Global Partner Digital call for WSIS +10 review process  (click to see all paris photos)

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Comment by ahmed eisa on September 16, 2015 at 19:50

On October 14-15 in New York, Global Partners Digital (GPD), in collaboration with Association for Progressive Communications (APC), AccessNow, the Centre for Communication Governance at the National Law University in Delhi, Coding Rights, FGV/ CTS, Internet Democracy Project, KICTANet, and Public Knowledge, with support of the government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, will be holding a 2-day event focused on the WSIS+10 Review process.

The aim of the meeting is to facilitate civil society input and engagement in the WSIS+10 Review process. In order for the WSIS to continue acting as a conduit for ICT4D underpinned by human rights beyond 2015, it is important that views of all stakeholders especially those from developing countries, are reflected in its outcomes. In order to contribute towards this goal, the objective of this meeting is to further coordinate global civil society priorities, input and engagement in the Review process. The two-day meeting will take place in the run-up to the deadline for submissions on the zero-draft of the Review outcome document (October 15th) as well as the informal interactive WSIS stakeholder consultations on October 19th.

Those interested in attending should fill in the expression of interest form below. Limited financial support is available for a number of participants and the information given will help decide who receives support. Participants will be reviewed and selected based on the following criteria:
- An active member of civil society/relevant organisation (e.g. no private sector or government organisations)
- Previous engagement in the WSIS and Review processes
- Ability to show motivation and benefit to future work from participating in the meeting
- Ability to show how your participation in the meeting would enhance civil society engagement in the WSIS and its Review
- Geographic and gender diversity

The expressions of interest will be evaluated on a rolling basis and successful applicants will be notified within 3 working days of each deadline:
- Round 1 deadline: Friday, September 18th
- Round 2 deadline: Thursday, September 24th*
- Round 3 deadline: Thursday, October 1st*

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